Wednesday 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas Alyce!

Update: I feel like I need to update this because I have received such wonderful feedback on this card. The original post was a Thank You blog hop for Alyce, so I didn't go into details on the card; I focused on Alyce and that was it. Well I better answer some burning questions about the HAIR!! I used YR20, YR21, and a little YR24. And I mean A LITTLE YR24. It can get quite orange. I just did the tiniest bit for cast shadows. I really wanted her to be light and airy. Her gown is just B91 and colorless blender. The wings are W3, W1, W0. So there you go. Those are the colour details. easy peasy. I'm glad people like it so much! But I have to be honest that she wasn't too hard, but the HAIR... that's top notch flicking! Lol!

Welcome to my stop on the Christmas Surprise Blog Hop for our dear Alyce! You should have arrived here from Carline's blog If you have just happened upon this blog, you might want to start at the beginning with Mari K. at

What can we do for the lady who does so much for us?! I guess we'll dress up our pets, make ugly cards, and then a really nice card using all the skills we have learned in our classes, and hopefully make Alyce proud, so she knows that all her sleepless nights are not in vain.

Now let me tell you, I have a very finicky Ragdoll named Georgie, who doesn't give two toots about my colouring, and that little brat wouldn't let me hang one little piece of tinsel off her ear or wrap her in any festive garland, or cooperate in any way shape or form. So no Christmas pet picture from my camp; I should spray her green and call her the Grinch.

Since this is a present for Alyce, I want to tell you what she means to me and how she has affected my life here in Alberta, all the way from Brisbane. I just love colouring and creating new things! A year ago, I couldn't colour to save my life. In February of 2014, I joined the Kit & Clowder website, not really knowing anything about it, except that this Alyce person sure could colour! Within a day of joining the website, I get this lovely little email from her saying "Welcome to Kit & Clowder," and "I'd love for you to share some of your work with us." I was thinking, "Yeah right. I'm not showing my colouring to anyone." She must have read my mind, because a few months later, she was offering classes to teach us poor crafters how to colour so we wouldn't embarrass ourselves anymore. Well, I jumped at the opportunity! Now here I am, still plugging through classes, because I'm pokey and like to procrastinate, but I'm on three Design Teams, which is so surreal to me, some days I still can't believe that people WANT me to make things for them. It's really a thrill every day and without Alyce, her classes, and her feedback and support, I would still be hiding everything I made in a closet. So Thank You, Alyce, for putting yourself out there every day for all of us. It is such a huge commitment you've made for people you've never met. This little blog hop is really the smallest gesture to let you know how much you are appreciated and loved.

This is my card that I made for you! I kept it simple partly because it will be making it's way to you and hopefully it will arrive relatively unscathed. Although I'm nervous about you checking out my colouring live and not on the computer. I hope my flicks are fiiiiine!

Anyone that is interested in colouring should check out Alyce's classes at

Now onto the next stop on the hop! Sharon over at And then off to bed with you, Alyce. Get some sleep!

Big hugs!! - Myndi


  1. Ooohhhh are you saying this card is for me??? :D Myndi you know I absolutely love it... the skin and hair just pops right out of the page and it is beyond stunning. Thank you so much for your kind words... it truly does mean the world to me! I know i've told you a few times lately ;) But I am so proud of your journey... I've really enjoyed watching you upload for feedback and seeing you grow as a colourist. I truly appreciate you being a part of the group and for your friendship this year :)
    Wishing you the most amazing christmas :) xxx

  2. OMG...your story is truly amazing Myndi. Loved reading it and am so proud of you for all you've done. I truly LOVE seeing your posts on the group and all your wonderful creations. So glad to be a part of this community and this blog hop. Merry Christmas to you (from a fellow-Canadian) Hugs.

  3. Myndi, your coloring is truly amazing! I can only hope to be able to color half as well as you!!! Stunning card!

  4. Wow, that one is a stunner. So elegant and the image is coloured perfectly. I love it!
    Hugs! xx

  5. Beautiful card and your colouring is fantastic! xx

  6. Wow! your card is simply gorgeous. Love the choice of colors and the image.

  7. So gorgeous card ,i love your colorization.

  8. OMG Myndi, absolutely gorgeous with out of this world coloring. I'm in awe of your amazing coloring of this beautiful image. For sure I won't be missing any of your posts from now on.

    Sorry so late getting around but just now getting some free time. Happy New Year and Hugs, Carol

  9. thhe hair!! just wow!! the whole card..huggzz