Meet Myndi

Myndi is a SAHM with a lot less time on her hands than you would think. No bon-bon eating and relaxing around that house. She lives in a small town outside of Edmonton, Alberta, where the winters are long and ridiculously cold, and she has four small children, ages 8, 7 and 3 y/o twins, and one big child, age 19 trying to find her way in the world, which brings it's own special kind of stress. Between running the twins to their preschool in the city, and running the big kids around to activities after school, and cooking & cleaning, she's lucky to find an hour a day in which to craft. Crafting is the only thing keeping her from burning her house down and running off to the tropics though, because do you know how much it would cost to replace all those craft supplies? Don't even tell her husband. Shhhh.....

He's a good guy who takes her south in the dead of winter at least once a year so she doesn't up and leave altogether in search of the sun and some warm air, and he puts up with the clutter and mayhem of her craft room (creativity is messy, after all). But seriously, DON'T TELL HIM ABOUT THE CRAFT SUPPLIES. 

See how happy he is? He doesn't know about the craft supplies. Let's keep it that way.
And then there's the cat. She's a dream. All fur and loves to sit on whatever project her mom may be TRYING to finish. She's a Ragdoll, almost 10 years old. Sweetest cat you ever want to meet, and she's made it through all the small children. She's a trooper!  

Georgie, celebrating New Years. She's the life of the party.
Myndi has traveled the world. She's was born in California, somehow ended up in Guam, moved to Colorado, ended up on the East coast somewhere around the age of 11, moved to Florida, moved to Germany, back to Florida, went here and there, joined the U.S. Air Force, moved BACK  to Germany, back to Florida (again), finally ended up in Canada where she's stuck for eternity now. I glazed over a few states that were short stays (North Carolina, Virginia, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma... did I forget a couple? possibly...). She's tired of moving, so being stationary now is a good thing. Even though it is way too cold way too much of the year. Sacrifices. Life is full of them. Oh, well. She has her crafting to keep her warm. And her big snuggly cat. And the love of her family. 


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